The company DANIEL TILE, INC has its origins in 2000 when current president Daniel Ríos discovered that his works in stone, granite, marble and tile had an original aesthetic, were an art creation for its high quality, that is, he Is an artist in performing these works. From there he began to dedicate himself to making art with the commissions that made him, because more than a job he considered that his knowledge embellish a room, a kitchen, a patio, a bathroom, a garden, and about Everything makes people happy when they see their dreams and their dreams fulfilled.


The work of Daniel Ríos was made known in the city of San Jose, California, which were of high quality, customers were widely satisfied and began to recommend throughout the Bay of San Francisco. For this, Daniel Rios saw the need to integrate adding other people with knowledge and experience in the works, which he selected, which allowed the organization of a team of experts who strive every day to improve the spaces of people with quality , Aesthetics, functionality and above all at reasonable costs.


The company has its essence in the work team that conformed, which has extensive experience doing artistic works. At present the company has been modernizing and professionalizing with the entrance of qualified personnel that allows to elaborate projects of improvement, remodeling of commercial and residential establishments. Without ceasing to construct art in bathrooms, kitchens, interiors, lining of floors and walls with tile, marble, granite and natural stones.


Today DANIEL TILE, INC is a company that has coverage and presence in the northern state of California, USA doing residential and commercial work. It is a company that distinguishes itself from the competition for its high quality, responsibility, honesty, innovation and understanding of its customers in what they want to do to achieve their happiness in their homes and personal spaces. One of the characteristics and success, is that, the company improves the quotes or budgets, and provides full guarantee.



Materialize the dreams and desires of the clients through the construction of art with tile, stone, granite and marble in their most intimate spaces and valued with functionality and high quality.



To be recognized as a leading company in the regional area, in works that use tile, marble, granite, stone, satisfying the needs of our clients, and to achieve long term relationships.



  • Quality.
  • Honesty.
  • Responsibility.
  • Innovation.
  • Sustainability.
  • Teamwork.
  • Customer understanding

Daniel Rios
2150 Monterrey Hwy SPC 155
San Jose. CA 95112
(408) 394 2826